The marketing world is changing, and we have changed with it. Although we have always offered demand generation and marketing automation, we have focused our company more exclusively on it. You may have known us in the past as Radix Promotions and Marketing, or more simply RPM, and as a full-service web 2.0 agency. Throughout 2011 we realized that there is a much greater need among businesses for demand generation and marketing automation services. And this is area of our passions and greatest skills. We live and breathe demand generation, and marketing automation is in our blood. Our management team has a cumulative total of 15 (20?) years in this field as it has evolved from spreadsheet-based RFM and response matrices through various incarnations of sales and marketing management solutions to fully automated Sass revenue performance management systems.

To more accurately reflect the increased focus on revenue performance management that has evolved in the marketplace and in our expertise, we have decided to re-brand our company to RPM Demand. We still offer web 2.0 marketing services, but not as an agency. We provide these services to business-to-business companies as a “White-label”, or outsourced marketing service.

We are excited about what these changes mean for our clients, and the energy and enthusiasm that surrounds this change in our company. We are looking forward to serving you with this new focus.

RPM Demand Generation


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