Small Business

The marketplace may say you’re a small business but we know that you have BIG dreams! To reach those dreams, you have to grow your business and revenue in a Web 2.0 world. This presents a unique set of challenges. Throwing up a website is not enough to get your customers in the door. Interruptive, mass marketing tactics don’t work because how people buy has fundamentally changed. Buyers are rejecting old sales and marketing tactics. They prefer a web-based self-selection, educational, and peer-communication approach. This advanced demographic requires a different strategy. RPM Demand focuses on three key elements. We:

  1. Build a holistic, integrated set of buyer nurturing programs. This enables marketing to lead the customer acquisition, adoption and renewal process. It also places marketing at the core of the sales process.

  2. Leverage Marketing Automation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology to power Demand Generation and Sales Enablement programs.

  3. Create a set of business processes to integrate the marketing and sales teams, closely track and optimize marketing spend, and capitalize on your existing success.

The end result? REVENUE!

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