We began as Radix Promotions and Marketing {RPM}, a full service, Web 2.0,  marketing agency that had demand generation and marketing automation  in our portfolio of services. However, as we worked with our clients, we realized that most often they needed strategy development, guidance and services setting up and using marketing automation and CRM tools. We decided that with our team’s experience in these two areas, we would best serve our clients by providing a set of services clearly focused on developing demand generation and sales enablement solutions.

In January of 2012 , the company was rebranded and officially launched as RPM Demand.

We understand that change is hard especially when it’s overwhelming or misdirected. Just as a food processor doesn’t turn a cook into a chef and using a word processor doesn’t turn words into a best selling novel, no technology can make you into a market category leader. This where RPM Demand delivers. We diagnose, plan, lead and execute your integrated sales and marketing technologies and programs to transform it into an efficient and effective finely tuned Seller 2.0 revenue generation engine. We specify, procure, build, implement and optimize your revenue strategies, processes, content and technologies to deliver the highest return on existing and future sales and marketing investments.

RPM Demand…we don’t just demand Revenue Performance Management.  We deliver it!